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Southern Cross Martial Arts Reviews!

  • Congratulations on an awesome kids program!! My little daughter has been training here 3 to 4 times a week for less than a month as a Junior Dragon and already there is a significant improvement in her ability to focus, resolve conflict with peers, sense of responsibility, problem solving and her patience levels! The instructors at the Helensvale dojo work tirelessly to turn these kids into decent human beings and are a godsend for my family. In my opinion this is a program that every single Australian kid should have access to:)

    Facebook Review by the mother of one of our new Junior Dragons students
  • My son Zac started with Southern Cross Martial Arts just on a year ago.  Zacs behaviour was not the greatest including being very shy and all in all a little muddled and stuck.  With starting school he was not overly respectful and we felt he required to learn about respect and discipline and get some help on coming out of his shell as well.

    Upon commencing karate with the help of Hannah and the fantastic staff at SCMA Zac has trained twice a week for a year and with fantastic results not only is he excited about karate and it's attributes but it has changed Zac in his mannerism respect and discipline not only for us but for his teacher and peers at school.  Zac had gone as far as the teacher and principal of the school has noticed a massive improvement in Zac overall.  Only just this week Zac has received a b sapphire award for behaviour so proud of him.  We thank Hannah and the team for the awesome efforts on Zac as this was a crucial part of Zacs change and expect to see more improvements in zacs development in the future thank you Hannah :-)

    From the mum of one of our Red Dragons program students
  • "My children have attended SCMAC since January 2010 and I have been very impressed by the high quality and professionalism of the instructors and the positive outcomes for my family.

    We had a "bad experience" with another local outfit and were hesitant to try again.

    Damien, Hannah & the team make excellent facilitators, with obvious attention to a successful coaching- mentoring model. They, without exception, provide an inclusive program with a more than optimal student- instructor ration - providing individualised attention & assistance.

    The surprise for me has been the holistic nature of the program - inclusive of personal development, self esteem growth, emphasis & discussion on skills such as respect, control, focus etc - quite difficult concepts for childhood.

    As an Occupational Therapist of 20yrs + I believe this program over time, makes a significant contribution to the sensory-motor (physical), the psychological (emotional) and social development of it's students.

    The SCMAC is to be highly commended and congratulated. Well done.

    From the mother of two of our members, one Junior Dragon & one Red Dragon student
  • Southern Cross Martial Arts is a fantastic place for your children to be. Taking my daughter there has helped her in so many ways. She has found something that she seems to be passionate about; she loves going there up to 5 times a week. She has taken a real liking to her instructor Rhys, who is so kind and patient with her. My child, who has Aspergers Syndrome, finds it very hard to trust people and to stay focused on one particular thing at a time. It is great to find a place where she is comfortable to go and to be so enthusiastic with what she is being taught. As a parent to see their child so happy and full of life when she walks though the doors of Southern Cross Martial Arts is a fantastic feeling. The staff are lovely and easy to talk to and I intend on continuing to take my daughter there for years to come.

    From the mother of a 6 year old Junior Dragon
  • It was with some apprehension that I enrolled my boys with Autism Spectrum Disorder at your dojo. I wondered what you would think of their special needs and how they would cope with the new environment. I have been pleasantly surprised as you have delivered more than you offered. You have made the effort to learn about autism and how it impacts on the boys. I have been encouraged to ask questions and offer feedback on the programme. You actively encourage an inclusive environment and increased awareness of autism in the dojo community without compromising our privacy.

    Your committed Sempai’s and Kohai’s have shown a genuine interest in the bys and applied their new knowledge of autism to their class content. This has minimised the autistic traits they display and allowed them to settle into this new activity quickly. Their enthusiasm for karate has continued and they look forward to their classes (although they would be happy with a few less pushups and squats!).

    Thankyou for the warm welcome in accepting my beautiful boys and your willingness to accommodate their unique needs. We all look forward to a long association with your Southern Cross Martial Arts Centre.

    From the mother of 2 Red Dragon students with ASD
  • I recently got the newsletter from the dojo and I was quite happy to see it going so well. I thought it would be a good time to thank yourself, John and Hannah for the great time I had in the dojo growing up. Although I'm very regretful that I didn't really train much last year, now that I have moved to Brisbane I can't see myself training again in the near future. I'm hoping greatly that I will be able to get back into training sometime in the future but until that point I would like to thank you for everything you (and everyone else in the dojo) did through the many years of training. I think it really helped me as a person and I continue to recommend to people that I know on the Coast to you. If the newsletter emails continue to come, I look forward to seeing what I loved continue to grow.

    Former Kidz Karate & Goki-Kai Karate student, now attending University in Brisbane
  • Damien, you guys have got hands down the best kids martial arts programing the business

    Joe S. Senshido team member and self defence instructor
  • I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Shihan Hannah for her patience and understanding with my very distractible Little Dragon Owen. Your listening positions for the Little Dragons have become a valuable tool for us to use at home and at Owen's Daycare, to help manage his current behaviour issues. I made a poster of Owen displaying these to use at home and Daycare and it's turning out to be a very effective tool for us. Thank you again.

    Kim (Mum of one of our Little Dragons)

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