If You Want Action-Packed Kids Martial Arts Classes That Will Help Increase Their Confidence, Focus, Grades & Fitness, Then Let Southern Cross Martial Arts Ballarat Bring Out The Inner Champion In Your Child.


Children nowadays are bombarded with too much conflicting information, are becoming overwhelmed by academic pressure and find it increasingly difficult to stay true to themselves.

By enrolling your child at Southern Cross Martial Arts Ballarat, you’ll not only be giving them a great physical workout, but we impart valuable skills like leadership, resilience, self-control, empowerment and self-worth. Your child will develop confidence, discipline and self-defence skills that they can’t get from any other extracurricular activity.

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Training with us couldn’t be simpler. We have a range of age specific classes, no lock in contracts and a satisfaction guarantee.

Plus we have a proven track record in training people to become instructors!

Our Chief Instructors ran an international school teaching martial arts instructing and coaching. So what does this mean for you?

It means your child will get:

  • Dedicated, nationally qualified and highly-experienced instructors and mentors who have devoted years to training
  • An all-encompassing curriculum, focused on child development and skills and techniques based on their age, ability and level
  • Valuable skills like stranger danger and dealing with bullies
  • Increased confidence, respect for oneself and others and a renewed outlook on life developed through their martial arts experience
  • A professionally developed character development program

It doesn’t matter if your child has never stepped inside of a dojo before – at Southern Cross Martial Arts, we cater to kids of all ages and skill levels. We are a ‘safety first’ school and all our students follow a strict Student Code of Conduct.

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Martial arts can help kids to become the best possible version of themselves.

For specialised classes for neurodiverse children, check out our Beyond the Spectrum classes.