Attention Future Martial Artists...

Weeks of Karate Classes + 
FREE Uniform

for just $39.99 (uniform valued at $75)


2 Weeks of Muay Thai Classes + 
a pair of FREE boxing gloves 
for just $39.99
(gloves valued at $75)

If you want to gain new skills, acquire greater confidence and achieve a new level of fitness, then Southern Cross Martial Arts has a program for you...

We understand that stepping into something new or re-starting a long-forgotten hobby can be a daunting process. So gain peace of mind knowing you have:

  • Access to 2 weeks of classes of your choice to see which one is right for you
  • A choice of traditional karate or authentic kickboxing classes to meet your specific goals and requirements
  • Expert training by fully qualified and experienced instructors
  • A family atmosphere where everyone is treated equally, with respect
  • Tailored classes specific to age group and rank
  • Regular assessment and goal-checking to ensure you stay on track
  • No obligation or sign-up. Just try before you buy and give it a go!

With Our Limited Time Special Offer

My son and I have been training here for over two years now and we both love it. I've trained in various styles over the last 20 years and I'd rate the instruction I get from Sensei Damien and Sensei Hannah as some of the best I've had. The dojo is large and well equipped. Whether you're an adult or a child SCMA is well worth a visit.

James Ball

Your child will be in safe hands when they enrol at Southern Cross Martial Arts. Each class is tailored to help instil discipline, focus and confidence and it’s all about the kids.

Imagine your children:

  • Increase in confidence as they try and accomplish new skills
  • Persevere through the challenges of mastering techniques and going through grading
  • Become role models for newer students as they develop leadership skills
  • Performing better in school due to the discipline and focus which forms part of every class
  • Discover a new hobby that ignites their passion and instils a desire to achieve

Starting training is easy. All you need to do is fill in the online enquiry form, come visit us, see a class in action and try any one out for yourself for 2 weeks of classes.

Your children will be guaranteed to have non-stop fun. Classes are from aged 3 years and split into age and styles of either Karate and Muay Thai. Action packed and full of fun, they’ll learn a range of simple yet effective self defence skills and themes like stranger danger and bullying.

My little daughter has been training here 3 to 4 times a week for less than a month as a Junior Dragon and already there is a significant improvement in her ability to focus, resolve conflict with peers, sense of responsibility, problem solving and her patience levels! In my opinion this is a program that every single Australian kid should have access to:

Parent of Little Dragon

With Our Limited Time Special Offer

Imagine Discovering a New Found Passion That Leaves You Mentally & Physically Stronger

Whether you want to learn traditional Karate or authentic Muay Thai, all our classes will:

  • Encompass fun warm ups, you can go through at your OWN pace
  • Develop new skills and see your body do things you never thought possible
  • Help build lean muscle and discover abs and definition that you’ll love showing off
  • Gain increased fitness through drill combinations and self-defence techniques
  • Increase flexibility and strength while easily dropping the pounds
  • Take place in a stress free, spacious and clean environment

Aside from the physical, you’ll be calmer and stress free as you take out your day-to-day tensions in class. As you make new friends, your social life will increase and you’ll find yourself part of a family and that’s what Southern Cross Martial Arts is about.

I travel down often from the Sunshine Coast to train with Damien and Hannah at SCMA. It's an awesome dojo and great people. Well worth the drive. The depth of knowledge and skill these guys have is extremely hard to find. I certainly can’t find this level of instruction in many other dojos.

Grant Rohde

With Our Limited Time Special Offer

Don’t let excuses stand in the way!

You won’t be able to make the changes, improvements to your health and wellbeing unless you take the first step. Each opportunity you pass up is an opportunity wasted and at Southern Cross we have a school full of people who decided that in order to improve their health, their mind, gain confidence and give their children the boost they deserve, they had to start. They did and they’ll tell you themselves that the rest is history!

I have trained many times at various seminars and other training days. Each session was delivered well and very enjoyable. No matter the age or circumstances Sensei Damien and Sensei Hannah are amazing at what they do and seem to have an endless amount of knowledge.

John Doe

Book In Your 2 Weeks of Classes NOW

Still not sure? We understand and have made it easy for you with our obligation free offer. You can get started and for only $39.99 and experience the thrill of learning something new and exciting. If you’re not 100% satisfied after training in our program after your 2 weeks of classes, you can call it a day, no questions asked.

But be quick! This offer is limited...

With Our Limited Time Special Offer


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