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Suspending or Cancelling your Membership

The process of cancelling or suspending memberships was/is all covered in the signup and induction process which everyone goes through upon enrolment – remember the PowerPoint presentation and discussion with the admin staff when you enrolled?

The purpose of this little section is to remind everyone of our membership structure and how they work, and how to cancel with minimum fuss if that is what you really want to do.

As you will recall, all of our Direct Debit training fees are calculated on a 48 week year, averaged over the week/fortnight/month. Training fees include in class activities and do not cover belt test examinations (gradings or graduations), tournaments or any other promotion or special event. Because the fees are averaged they may continue to come out of your account even during the 4-week break – it all depends on what date your direct debit falls, and whether it is weekly, monthly or fortnightly.

The payment of membership fees via Direct Debit attracts a 10% discount off the normal cash fees and also has more flexible weekly and fortnightly payment options. We do not use ‘lock in’ fixed period contracts like many martial arts schools and gyms however certain conditions still apply:

  1. Direct Debits can be cancelled with 7 days written notice. This written notice must bear the account holders signature.
  2. Direct Debits may be varied to higher or lower amounts (i.e. changing from Silver membership to Basic Membership or vice versa) with 7 days written notice. This written notice must bear the account holders signature.
  3. Direct Debits may be suspended for non-emergency or travel purposes for a maximum of four weeks per year providing the four weeks does not include (in whole or in part) the four week Christmas/New Year break period.
  4. Direct Debits may be suspended for emergency, illness or accident purposes for a maximum of twelve weeks per year.
  5. Direct Debit suspension requests:
    • Must be made in writing on the Direct Debit Suspension Request Form (downloadable from our website) and this request must bear the account holders signature;
    • Must start and end on a fee payment day/date (i.e. date depends on whether payment is made weekly, fortnightly or monthly);
    • For travel and other non-emergency situations must be made 7 days prior to the suspension commencing;
    • For emergency situations, such as illness or accident, must be accompanied by a medical certificate;
    • Must be accompanied by the Direct Debit suspension fee of $25.00.

Please note that if a Direct Debit membership is cancelled and not immediately replaced by another payment option such as cash fees, then the membership is lapsed and a membership fee will be payable when/if the former member returns to training.

You can train right up until the last day, it doesn’t have to be quitted then give 7 days notice. It can be given 7 days notice, and then stop training.

When a member has been absent for a week without a known reason we will contact them directly, usually by phone, text or email. We will continue to do so until we hear from them and/or they return to training. In the event that someone sends us an email or a phone message saying they want to cancel or suspend their membership we immediately send them a cancellation form. These forms are also downloadable from our Facebook group and our website. Membership continues to be current until the form signed by the account holder is received.

On occasion, people don’t return the form and then ring up and abuse Hannah for payments continuing. We’re up front with this from day 1. It is your responsibility to sign and return the form. If you do want to cancel it’s no problem, just send the form.

All we ask is that you’re honest with us as to why you’re actually leaving – if we’ve done something wrong, we can’t fix it if we don’t know.

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