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If You Want Action-Packed Kids Martial Arts Classes That Will Help Increase Their Confidence, Focus, Grades & Fitness, Then Let Southern Cross Bring Out The Inner Champion In Your Child.

Children nowadays are bombarded with too much conflicting information, are becoming overwhelmed by academic pressure and find it increasingly difficult to stay true to themselves.

By enrolling your child at Southern Cross Martial Arts Arundel, you’ll not only be giving them a great physical workout, but we impart valuable skills like leadership, empowerment and self-worth. Your child will develop confidence, discipline and self-defence skills that they can't get from any other extracurricular activity.

Training with us couldn’t be simpler. We have a range of classes and times to suit you, no lock in contracts and a satisfaction guarantee.

Plus we have a proven track record in training people to become instructors!

Our Chief Instructors run an international school teaching martial arts instructing and coaching. So what does this mean for you?

It means your child will get:

  • Dedicated, nationally qualified and highly-experienced instructors and mentors who have devoted years to training
  • An all-encompassing curriculum, focused on child development and skills and techniques based on their age, ability and level.
  • Valuable skills like stranger danger and dealing with bullies
  • Increased confidence, respect for oneself and others and a renewed outlook on life developed through their martial arts experience
  • A professionally developed character development program

It doesn't matter if your child has never stepped inside of a Dojo before - at Southern Cross Martial Arts, we cater to kids of all ages and skill levels. We are a ‘safety first’ school and all our students follow a strict Student Code of Conduct

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Adrian Hodder

My 2 children started training over two years ago and have learnt a lot about the art of defence, discipline, mindfulness and much more. Southern Cross Martial Arts is a family orientated school that values each and every member. I am proud that my kids are learning, maturing, mentored by wonderful instructors.

Annette De Klerk

I have had my two daughters (3 & 4 yrs) in the Lil Dragons class for six months now and they absolutely love it. Sempai Joel is fantastic with the kids and they always have lots of fun. My 3 year old has dyspraxia (she's basically non-verbal) however the structure and the consistency of the classes has given her great confidence in herself. We look forward to every class and love watching our girls develop new skills, improve their concentration and learn about discipline. I can highly recommend SCMA to anyone considering putting their children into classes there.

Mathew Steel

As a fellow Martial Arts School Owner, I wanted my son to train weeknights closer to his home. After watching a class, I am very happy to have enrolled him to train at Southern Cross Martial Arts centre. I know that he will receive quality training and instruction. Also the school is clean and friendly, and the staff seem very inviting. MS.

9/30 Newheath Drive Arundel Qld 4214
Phone: 0451 557 196

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