If You Want To Create a New You & Defend Yourself & Your Family, Southern Cross Martial Arts Will Change Your Life

Working on solo drills together

Balancing work/life/family means that you don’t have time for yourself. Yet neglecting yourself will lead to a poor diet, lack of exercise, an overstressed mind and unfulfillment. Taking out just an hour for yourself by learning something new or re-starting on your martial arts journey you left behind can revitalise you and leave you ready for anything.

Our well-balanced Adult Martial Arts and Karate program provides you with increased self-esteem, fitness and integrity. By following the high-standards we’ve set for ourselves, our amazing and professional Karate instructors bring out the best in you and increase your quality of life.

You will benefit from:

  • Excellent traiditional facilities and equipment
  • Progressive, traditional martial art style of Goki-Kai Karate
  • Effective and practical self-defence techniques and more

Our classes are a progressive blend of old and new that includes ancient philosophies and modern sports psychology with relevant self-defense skills, traditional martial arts templates (kata) and training principles and methodologies that offer the best of the new, with the best of the old.

SPECIAL OFFER: TWO Weeks Unlimited Adult Karate Program + FREE Uniform for Just $39.99  (valued at $65)

If you’re serious about changing your life for the better, we’re serious about passing onto you the skills and techniques that will not only make you successful in our dojo, but successful in your endeavors outside the dojo as well.

Our instructors are experts at tailoring classes to suit your ability. Whether you’re a seasoned martial artist or a complete beginner, when you enrol in the Adult classes at Southern Cross Martial Arts, we guarantee you’ll be thrilled with your decision.

That’s because you’ll enjoy a long list of benefits that you just can’t get from your average gym:

  • Quick weight-loss that reveals gorgeous muscle tone
  • Improved strength and endurance that keeps you going for hours
  • Heightened discipline and willpower to surpass all of your goals
  • Drastic reduction in your day-to-day stress levels
  • Precision coordination and quick reflexes thanks to finely-tuned motor skills
  • A huge boost in your self-confidence


SPECIAL OFFER: TWO Weeks Unlimited Adult Karate Program + FREE Uniform for Just $39.99  (valued at $65)