Although not new, virtual learning has increasingly become a more widely used approach, especially in the wake of the current pandemic. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic nearly everyone has been directed to stay at home. Initially seemed like a holiday but quickly became an unwanted situation. With routines upended and everyone limited with access to activities, many children are filled with an overabundance of pent up energy. The need for supportive, online resources is essential for parents and children. This is why engaging in Southern Cross Martial Arts virtual martial arts training is so beneficial.

Whilst they don’t replace face-to-face classes and working with a partner, virtual classes are a way for people to learn via an online platform. They have become more and more popular due to the evolvement of technology and the need for convenience. Today, many people utilise online systems as a way to attend various levels of school, learn new skills, and join conferences. And now, organisations such as Southern Cross Martial Arts are implementing online training to stay connected to their students, offer an outlet for extra energy, and provide an opportunity to continue training.

In the new normal of our world today, it’s easy to become stagnant and passive. By providing children with training online, Southern Cross Martial Arts is continuing to empower them to develop a growth mindset and come out even stronger on the other side. And since Southern Cross Martial Arts is a child development focussed school, children continue to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. By utilising our specialist curriculums, instructors boost the student’s neural circuitry all the while helping them stay fit, active, and entertained.

And while virtual classes and training are new for many, Southern Cross Martial Arts lays out the curriculum and class access in a way that is easy to use. By providing students and parents with virtual live classes and supplemental curriculum videos, Southern Cross Martial Arts strives to cover all bases of student needs. The best thing is this type of platform provides flexibility so recorded classes can be accessed at a later time if a student misses class. By having all this information easily accessible, it also gives the students the ability to go back and review information that may have been more of a challenge.

Today, more than ever before, children need to be assured that everything will be ok. By keeping them engaged with activities that part of their “normal” routine, parents can help their children deal with the current situation in a more productive way. Along with this, the extra support that instructors provide helps parents understand that they are not alone. Utilising platforms such as Southern Cross Martial Arts virtual martial arts training can give children the tools for success right from the comfort of their own home.

We hit the ground running when the shutdown occurred on March 23rd and have learned a lot along the way, and we are continuing to do so. We are constantly working on upgrading our IT and multi-media capabilities, so we can develop more material. This will serve us well in the long run, even when the shutdown is over and classes return to the regular face to face model, we will have a large amount of online learning resources for our current and future students.